trmpTriumph des Willens (Triumph of the Will), a propaganda film made by Leni Riefenstahl ‘s. The Film chronicling the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg in 1934, attended by no less than 700,000 Nazi sympathizer!

The Film also shows the speeches of the members of the Nazi party in Congress (including some parts of speech of Adolf Hitler) whose views footage interspersed by colossal Nazi party members crowded stadiums. The making of the film itself is a direct order from Hitler (who was one of the Executive producers and his name popped in the opening title!). broadly speaking, this film tells the story of the return of Germany as the world’s superpower Nations, with Hitler as leader of Germany is the only nation that would lead Germany to its greatest extent.
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usereThese is mini series that took setting and place in Berlin 1941. Five teenagers who are friends from a small so eager to become a hero in an adventure that will change the face of Europe – and also that will change them forever.

Lieutenant Wilhelm Winter from Division Windhund the Braves went to the Eastern Front with his younger brother Friedhelm reticent, a man who was more interested in literature than warfare. Secretly, Wilhelm loved wholeheartedly by Charlotte, a young sister asked to be assigned with the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front in order to get close to his favorite.

Meanwhile, Greta is a talented singer who dreams of becoming a substitute for Marlene Dietrich. He had a Jewish lover named Viktor, still unable to convince her parents to leave Germany. Heroism and courage comes to the surface, but so does betrayal — would human values and belief in the truth.
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stalThe Film itself tells about the adventures of Leutnant Hans von Witzland (Thomas Kretschmann) along with his troops in the face of a tireless battle viciously stopping action at Stalingrad. They were tasty-tasty enjoy holidays in Italy, tropical air suddenly got the assignment from its commander in a unmitigated: Stalingrad. Of course, as any soldier, was ordered by his superiors to be met, regardless of how much it weighs.

Von Witzland was a young Lieutenant who has never felt a single battle, and now he must lead a group of army veterans who had fought experience satiety. At first his forces do not respect at all to put a new commander who it thinks is still green and occupy its position now, solely because of the blood Royal and CCN were sourced from his uncle the rank of Oberst (Colonel). But then along with intense interaction, where they pass through a battle together and have the same view of the war and the humanity of the Sturmpioniere army, eventually becoming the forces loyal to Von Witzland.
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bnhlThis movie themed drama and war, this film is a production of Australia. Many opinions who say that this is the best war film of the origin country of the Kangaroos.

The Film is based on the true story of an Australian army (actually he was a mine engineer) and is chaired by a group which is under the auspices of the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company. They are assigned to assist United Kingdom troops and allies in a war on the Mainland of France and Belgium, precisely around Ypres. The war was World War I, in 1915 to 1917.
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The Film opens with a scene of the marshal (Office of some sort of police) in the small town of Appaloosa, which comes to the ranch belonging to the gang leader koboy named Randall Bragg (Jeremy Irons) to capture his men who allegedly killing and raping civilians. Bragg was not only refused to hand over his men, even he also killed the marshal and two claiming.

The scene then switched on arrival 2 persons best friend Everett Hitch (Ed Harris) and Virgil Cole (Viggo Mortensen) to the town of Appaloosa. Hitch himself is a graduate of the West Point war veteran who shared both Cole profession as legal officers are paid. City Council leaders by Appaloosa, this koboy duo contracted to get rid of Bragg and his gang. Hitch full legal authority requesting the Appaloosa is in his hand, including a new marshal with Cole as his Deputy. When the tension between the two of them with increasingly intense, Bragg gang cohesiveness duet Hitch-Cole began interrupted with the arrival of Lady Gadfly named Allie French (Renee Zellweger).
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